46" x 58.25" Side Folding Shutter
46" x 58.25" Side Folding Shutter

46" x 58.25" Side Folding Shutter

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 This Side Folding Shutter is built to finished dimensions of 46" x 58.25". The shutter will fit a window 34.25" - 40" wide and 51" high.


Side Folding Shutters are proven to increase the market value of your home. These durable shutters provide protection from storms, high winds and heat, and can also provide security for your home or office. Constructed of heavy-gauge extruded aluminum, these shutters lock securely to protect against forcible entry.  For storm protection, as well as your security needs, accordion shutters are a popular and affordable solution. 

Side Folding Shutters come in 4 colors: white, bronze, ivory, and beige. 
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