65.5" x 58.25" Folding Accordion Shutter
65.5" x 58.25"  Folding Accordion Shutter

65.5" x 58.25" Folding Accordion Shutter

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 This Folding Accordion Shutter is built to finished dimensions of 65.5" x 58.25". The shutter will fit a window 52.25" - 58" wide and 51" high.

Folding Accordion Shutters  are a durable and affordable solution for securing your home or office. Constructed of heavy-gauge extruded aluminum, these shutters can cover windows, doors, patios and any other  open area susceptible to storm damage.Folding Accordion Shutters are also a practical solution to protect against forcible entry. Theses shutters lock securely, and are can be deployed quickly and easily. 
Folding Accordion Shutters come in 4 colors: white, bronze, ivory, and beige. 
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