Copy of 33" x 46.25" Accordion Hurricane Shutter

Copy of 33" x 46.25" Accordion Hurricane Shutter

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 This Accordion Hurricane Shutter is built to finished dimensions of 33 x 46.25. The shutter will fit a window 22.25" - 28" wide and 39" high.

Accordion Shutters are a popular, affordable and durable option for storm protection. As well as covering windows and doors, Accordion Shutters can protect patios, balconies, storefronts and any other open areas susceptible to storm damage. Accordion Shutters are proven to enhance the value and longevity of any property. For your storm protection needs, Accordion Shutters are a great choice. 
Accordion Shutters come in 4 colors: white, bronze, ivory, and beige. 
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