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Hurricane Fabric for Hurricane Protection in Destin, Florida

Posted by Bill Stokes on

If you reside in Destin, Florida and wish to secure your property from hurricanes then consider hurricane fabrics. These are a great alternative to hurricane shutters and will serve admirably to protect your property from winds and storms unleashed by hurricanes like Irma. Hurricane Fabric in Destin, Florida Once hurricane season is over, you can remove the fabric, fold it and store it away. It takes less space to store such fabric as compared to removable shutters such as storm panels. Hurricane fabric weighs a few minor ounces for a square yard. It can be installed by one person and...

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Hurricane Fabric in Pensacola and Panama City, Florida

Posted by Michael Joiner on

     New and improved hurricane fabric is one of the latest innovations in the storm protection marketplace and is rapidly displacing other traditional types of hurricane shutters in Panama City and Pensacola, Florida.   Our hurricane fabric is constructed with an ultra-durable, transparent polypropylene material.  It is 100% U.V. resistant and will not degrade from sun exposure.  Our hurricane fabric allows for filtered light penetration and visibility while deflecting high winds, heavy rain and storm driven projectiles. Tested and certified to meet the High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) standards, our hurricane fabric is a popular and affordable choice for many...

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