Hurricane Fabric for Hurricane Protection in Destin, Florida

Hurricane Fabric for Hurricane Protection in Destin, Florida

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If you reside in Destin, Florida and wish to secure your property from hurricanes then consider hurricane fabrics. These are a great alternative to hurricane shutters and will serve admirably to protect your property from winds and storms unleashed by hurricanes like Irma.

Hurricane Fabric in Destin, Florida

Once hurricane season is over, you can remove the fabric, fold it and store it away. It takes less space to store such fabric as compared to removable shutters such as storm panels.

Hurricane fabric weighs a few minor ounces for a square yard. It can be installed by one person and can easily be removed in little time. Hurricane fabric will do the work for openings where traditional shutters just won’t fit. The fabric is fully UV resistant, and will not degrade over time. It absorbs impact and elongates, thereby reduces the energy of the impact from flying debris. Flexibility and transparency are useful features that enable the fabric to easily absorb the force of the strongest hurricane winds. Made from ultralight polypropylene, the fabric is 95% solid, and 5% porous, which enables a degree of translucence. It keeps your property from being totally in the dark.

Hurricane fabric, or storm abatement panel, will meet and even exceed building codes in Florida and Texas. They are available in colors to match the exterior décor of your property. Choose hurricane fabric that is High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) certified.

The fabric can be easily fastened to doors and windows, or even patios with grommets. The screens can be rolled from a fixed device above doors and windows. The rolling can be done manually or via a motor. The panels can also slide into brackets fixed to the side. Or, you may choose to strap or buckle these fabrics when not in use.


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