Clear Panels for Hurricane Protection in Panama City, Florida

Clear Panels for Hurricane Protection in Panama City, Florida

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If Hurricane Irma served a warning to Panama City, Florida and you wish to heed it then doubtless protecting your property from the fury of hurricanes would be topmost on your mind.

Hurricane shutters clear panels in Panama City, Florida

Made from durable polycarbonate, these panels are clear and corrugated for strength. Because these panels are clear, they allow sunlight inside. Sunlight aids in natural vision and also disinfects the premises from within. Installation of these panels is easy. Wing nuts with washers are used to place these panels so that you are prepared for an incoming storm well in advance. These panels are Miami-Dade, IRC, FBC, TDI approved.

Since these panels allow light they do not lead to the feeling of claustrophobia that other panels do. Clear panels have a better chance of covering openings that may be difficult to cover with other hurricane shutter types.

These shutters can be installed once over openings on the second floor or those that are difficult to reach. Once installed, these clear panels will protect your premises in a Panama City highrise apartment for years.

The panels are durable, will not yellow with age, and can easily withstand the buffeting of wind and projectiles.

The storm panels can be custom designed to fit the openings to be covered on your property. Choose raised, corrugated panels as these have greater strength than flat panels. Check with the manufacturer if the panels will blend nicely with the exterior. Ask if the panels can be installed DIY or they need professional handling.

Clear panels have the advantage of being inexpensive as compared to roll down shutters and also removable. If these two attributes matter to you, then check out these shutters on our site.

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