Hurricane Shutters in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Hurricane Shutters in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

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The beach town of Fort Walton was given a miss by Hurricane Irma. If you’re a resident of Fort Walton, then utilize this opportunity to install hurricane shutters on your property so that the next hurricane to arrive on the Emerald Coast cannot inflict any kind of damage to your property.

Hurricane Shutters in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Accordion shutters are permanent shutters that are housed on the sides of the openings they are meant to cover. They can be easily unfolded, quite like an accordion, and deployed even by one person. Made from strong aluminum, accordion shutters in Fort Walton Beach, Florida are a popular choice for both private homeowners and commercial property owners. Accordion shutters can be locked with a key, and serve to keep vandals and thieves at bay. Expect to pay $16-$20 per square foot.

Colonial shutters are like windows outside a window. They fold together and will protect your Fort Walton Beach property windows. They add to the curb appeal of your property. However, these shutters cannot be used to protect doors and must be used with another shutter type to protect larger openings. These shutters cost up to $18-$30 per square foot.

Bahama hurricane shutters add to the external décor of your property. They are fixed above the opening to be covered, and can be propped up when not in use. They offer shade and allow you to sit outside in the verandah on your easychair. They’re easy to use and the new models of Bahama shutters for Fort Walton Beach properties will protect your windows. You will have to install another shutter system for the doors.

Hurricane fabrics are an alternative for Fort Walton Beach, Florida residents who seek a lightweight and inexpensive alternative to bulky and costly hurricane shutters. These fabrics are easy to install, protect you against hurricane winds and UV light, and because they are translucent, they allow light into your property. Good quality hurricane fabric will withstand winds of up to 297 mph and pressures of up to 195 psf. Consider buying High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) certified hurricane fabrics.

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