Hurricane Shutters in Pensacola, Florida

Hurricane Shutters in Pensacola, Florida

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Hurricane Irma may have given the Emerald Coast a miss. Residences and businesses in Pensacola, Florida were lucky but when you live along the Gulf Coast you need to be prepared to face nature’s fury. You may get lucky and escape a hurricane for years, maybe even a decade, but if and when it makes landfall in your city, you could be in for severe property damage if you have not taken the necessary precautions against nature’s fury.


Hurricane Shutters in Pensacola, Florida

Hurricane shutters are inexpensive and vital protection against hurricanes. You can choose from a wide variety of shutters to suit your needs and budgets. Hurricane shutters allow you to protect your property from damage and also help bring down insurance costs. If at all, your house or commercial property suffers some damage, then getting your insurance claim fulfilled is easier because you had done all that you could have.

Storm panels are a sturdy hurricane protection option for Pensacola residents. These can be removed when not in use. They take very little space. They are the most inexpensive storm protection equipment out there. Of course, you can always board up your property using wooden boards but these boards won’t pass the municipal requirements for high wind resistance. You may attract a fine for negligence. Storm panels are held in place using tracks and bolts.

Roll down hurricane shutters are at the other end of the spectrum. They are expensive, but also the most versatile and easy to use of the lot. These shutters are made from extruded aluminum can have a core of hard resin for theft protection or an insulating material that keeps heat, cold, and sound outside. Roll up shutters can be deployed by one person and in a matter of minutes. These can be operated from inside or outside. You can pull these down manually or electrically. They can be connected to a backup battery for emergency use.

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