Clam Shell Awnings in Key West, Florida

Clam Shell Awnings in Key West, Florida

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    Clam Shell awnings have remained a popular favorite on the homes in Key West, Florida since the 1950's.  Noted for their quirky charm, clam shell awnings are still appreciated for their curb appeal on this balmy island in the Florida straights.  Aside from the aesthetic interest, clam shell awnings continue to be a practical and economical defense from the heavy and unpredictable showers that frequent the tropical paradise. The awnings are also valued for the protection they provide from the heat and sun and the resulting energy savings on utility bills.  Distinctly recognized for their scalloped edges, clam shell awning cast a retro feel to the exterior of residential and commercial properties while still offering the protective advantages for which they were originally designed.  Lightweight and easily adjustable, our clam shell awnings are available in impact and non-impact varieties and are offered in many complimentary colors.  When lowered and secured, our awnings are not only theft deterring but also provide a sturdy shield from the elements. For protection against more intensive, tropical storms, winds and airborne debris, our impact resistant awnings are the best choice. Our clam shell awnings are hinged-mounted at the top of the window with adjustabe support side arms.  Manufactured with added reinforcement ribbing and aluminum-backed for optimal strength and endurance, impact-resistant clam shell awnings by Empire Construction & Development have passed Miami/Dade County's wind and impact standards, which include some of the most vigorous standards in the country.

    Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or an experienced custom builder, our design team at  Empire Construction & Development will assist you with the customization of your clam shell awning purchase. Our clam shell awnings are delivered install-ready and can be easily installed by the customer, handyman or contractor.  Our company can accommodate the storm and security needs of large commercial or residential contracts as well as smaller individual awning requests. Regardless of how large or small an order, our experienced staff will guide you through the hurricane selection process and answer any questions you may have. Contact us today for your FREE quote or to place an order: Toll Free: (888)474-3555.


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