Top-Selling Bahama Shutters in Palm Beach, FL

Top-Selling Bahama Shutters in Palm Beach, FL

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    Palm Beach, Florida has a long history of weathering hurricanes and tropical storms. Residents and business owners in this region have witnessed first hand the tremendous property damage caused by high winds, airborne debris and water intrusion associated with hurricanes and tropical force winds.  Being well prepared for these climatic threats, is why Palm Beach residents count on Empire Construction & Development. Our company has 35 years of unsurpassed hurricane-resistance ingenuity and customer satisfaction. We offer the highest-quality and largest selection of hurricane and storm protection products at the most competitive online prices, servicing customers not only in the United States but also internationally.

    Our impact resistant Bahama shutters continue to be one of our biggest-sellers because they offer outstanding security without sacrificing the architectural aesthetic and coastal charm of the homes and businesses in the Palm Beach vicinity.  Our Bahama shutters compliment and beautify any home or commercial structure while also providing permanent shade, energy savings, and storm and anti-theft protection. Our quality, louvered shutters are available in a spectrum of elegant color choices and are customized to your size specifications. Our impact Bahama shutters are a favored choice for many Palm Beach residents and business owners seeking maximum security and protection from seasonal storms and hurricanes. Each shutter is permanently mounted at a 45 degree angle affording the occupants privacy, visibility and ventilation through uniquely designed aluminum slats. Because our shutters are permanently affixed beside the windows, the need for bulky storage space is eliminated. Our Bahama hurricane shutters are simple to install and are quick and convenient to operate.  Engineered from heavy, extruded aluminum, our shutters can withstand the intensity of gale force winds and storm pressure associated with hurricane systems. Impact from airborne storm debris that so often accompanies tropical storms, is durably shielded by our impact resistant shutters. The superior quality of our Bahama shutters deem them a popular choice among many discerning Atlantic coast customers. For those seeking to enhance and protect their homes and businesses while preserving the structural elegance of their residential and commercial property, Bahama shutters can't be beat.  And yet, our Bahama shutters aren't solely appreciated for their storm shielding capabilities. Our impact shutters are enjoyed year-round during the more welcomed forecasts due to the added charm they introduce to the exterior of homes and businesses as well as for the cool, coastal breezes that are invited in through the louvered slats. Even when open, Bahama shutters provide shade and privacy and make an excellent and versatile choice for many.

    Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or an experienced custom builder, our design team experts at Empire Construction & Development will work with you to customize your shutter selection and installation procedure. Our shutters are delivered install-ready and can be easily installed by the customer, handyman or contractor.  Our company can accommodate the storm and security needs of large commercial or residential contracts as well as smaller individual shutter requests. Regardless of how large or small an order, our experienced staff will guide you through the hurricane protection process and answer any questions you may have.  Empire Construction & Development manufactures impact resistant Bahama shutters specifically to meet or exceed the most stringent wind codes in the U.S., such as those instituted by the Miami-Dade County Product Control Division, Florida Building Code and the International Building Code.  Contact us today for your FREE Bahama shutters quote or to place an order: Toll Free: (888)474-3555.

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