Roll Down Shutters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Roll Down Shutters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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     Adjacent to the Atlantic Ocean, along 7 miles of pristine coastland in Southern Florida, lies the exciting and beautiful city of Fort Lauderdale.  This popular tourist destination is also home to nearly 200,000 residents who take great pleasure in the seaside lifestyle.  But the people of Fort Lauderdale have experienced the forceful nature of hurricanes and tropical systems and understand the need for protection during the hurricane season.  Trees limbs, patio furniture, and cement roof tiles become high speed missiles during even low category storms and can severely threaten lives and property.  Boarding up homes with storm panels or plywood is an unwelcome and  labor intensive effort for many Fort Lauderdale residential and property owners. For those seeking refuge from hurricane force winds, rain and flying storm debris, roll down shutters are the most practical choice.   Empire Construction & Development is the company Fort Lauderdale trusts to safeguard their families, homes and businesses.  Our customer service and product quality is unsurpassed due to 35 years of storm-resistance ingenuity and customer satisfaction.   

    Empire Construction & Development specializes in custom, roll down shutters to fit any window or exterior entrance.  Our superior products are designed with convenience and safety in mind. With just the push of a button, our innovative and  synchronized, electronic and solar powered shutters offer effortless access to privacy, sound, light and heat reduction as well as protection from hurricane-force winds. Our Florida customers choose our roll down shutters for the carefully crafted and sturdy metal workmanship which not only adds a sleek European design to any home or business, but has the added benefit of being an excellent theft deterrent.  Our shutters are available in 40mm and 60mm blade heights. Color choices include white, ivory, beige and bronze to compliment the architectural charm of the Florida Keys. Our standard, roll down model is outfitted with a smooth, manual crank system that is easily operated by one person.  All of our roll down shutters are permanently affixed above the windows and eliminate the need for bulky storage. Our reinforced track system provides maximum durability and shutter width. 

    Empire Construction & Development offers impact resistant roll down shutters designed and engineered to meet or exceed the most stringent wind codes in the U.S. and have been accepted by the Miami-Dade County Product Control Division, Florida Building Code and the International Building Code.  Contact us today for your FREE hurricane shutter quote or to place an order: Toll Free: 888-474-3555  

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