Best Hurricane Panels for South Florida

Best Hurricane Panels for South Florida

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     South Florida residents know that when a hurricane is expected, the best way to minimize damage to their home or business is to cover and protect their windows and doors. Custom fit storm panels from Empire Construction & Development is the company South Floridians turn to for their storm protection needs. Our company offers code-approved, clear Protexan, polycarbonate panels as well as the sturdiest aluminum storm panels (.050" and .063").  

    Our innovative, clear panels are a top-seller in storm protection and are the highest-quality clear panels on the market.  Our Protexan Clear Panels have been approved by the most stringent Miami-Dade and Florida Building Code missile-impact tests. Our panels will not shatter, rust or corrode and come with a ten year warranty against breakage and yellowing.  Unlike plywood or metal panels, our Protexan panels allow in light and visibility during a storm.  Our clear corrugated panels are particularly preferred by many business owners who often choose to maintain their hours-of-operation pre and post storm, while their windows and storefronts remain securely protected.  Our panels are designed to slip into an upper header track and fastened to a lower track with washer-based wing nuts.  We offer several track options to fit your windows and doors, each type available in a white or bronze finish.  All of our storm panels can be attached directly to the wall without tracks by concrete anchors and stainless steel screws. Our Protexan clear panels can be easily interchanged and alternated with our aluminum panels during installation.   

    Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or an experienced custom builder, our design team of experts at  Empire Construction & Development will guide you through your storm panel customization process and assist you with any questions you may have regarding installation procedures. Additionally, Empire Construction and Development now offers professional installation in the South Florida area.  Contact us today for your FREE quote or to make an installation appointment: Toll Free: 888-474-3555.

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