Roll Down Shutters in Jacksonville

Roll Down Shutters in Jacksonville

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    Named after Andrew Jackson, the 7th president of the United States, Jacksonville. Florida is the largest city by area in the U.S. Located approximately 25 miles south of the Georgia border, Jacksonville's diverse waterways, seaport and coastal beauty attracts many residents, businesses and tourists.  Although Jacksonville has fortunately side-stepped many major hurricanes, it has experienced quite a few brushes with the turbulent tropics.  Storms passing through the state from the Gulf of Mexico or blowing in from the Atlantic Ocean requires Jacksonville residents and business owners to remain prepared for the unexpected forces of nature.  In addition to hurricanes, heavy rains, tropical winds and tornadoes can inflict extensive damage to property.  For protection and peace of mind, Jacksonville relies on Empire Construction and Development for all of their storm and security needs.  

    The most popular shutter choice in Jacksonville is our impact resistant roll down shutter.  Our made-to-order, custom fit shutters allow home and business owners to quickly secure their windows and doors with just a push of a button. When a storm threatens, Jacksonville is prepared, thanks to Empire's impact resistant roll down shutters which have consistently been the #1 choice for homes and businesses in this north Florida city.  Impact resistant, stylishly durable and ease of use, means home and  business owners can quickly and securely protect their property when severe storms are forecasted.  Our innovative and  synchronized, electronic and solar powered roll down shutters offer effortless access to privacy, sound, light and heat reduction as well as protection from hurricane-force winds and rain.   Our Jacksonville customers prefer our roll down shutters for the carefully crafted and sturdy metal workmanship which not only adds a sleek European design to any home or business, but has the added benefit of being an excellent theft deterrent.  Our shutters are available in 40mm and 60mm blade heights and include a manual override option which is useful during power outages. Color choices include white, ivory, beige and bronze to compliment the many architectural styles in Jacksonville, Florida. In addition to our electric and solar models, we also offer our standard, roll down model which is outfitted with a smooth, manual crank system that is easily operated by one person.  All of our roll down shutters are permanently affixed above the windows and eliminate the need for bulky storage. Our reinforced track system provides maximum durability and shutter width, providing the ultimate in hassle-free security and storm protection.     

    Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or an experienced custom builder, our design team at  Empire Construction & Development will assist you with the customization of your roll down shutter purchase. Our impact resistant shutters are install-ready and can be easily installed by the customer, handyman or contractor.  Our roll down shutters are manufactured specifically to meet or exceed the most stringent wind codes in the U.S. and have been accepted by the Miami-Dade County Product Control Division, Florida Building Code and the International Building Code.  Our company can accommodate the storm and security needs of large commercial or residential contracts as well as smaller individual shutter requests. Our customer service and product quality is unsurpassed due to 35 years of storm-resistance ingenuity and customer satisfaction. Jacksonville residents are encouraged to contact Empire Construction & Development for their FREE roll down shutter quote or to place an order: (954)474-3557.


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