Business Owners and Residents in Wilmington, NC Choose Accordion Shutt

Business Owners and Residents in Wilmington, NC Choose Accordion Shutters

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    The crisp folds and clean lines of an accordion shutter in conjunction with its ease of use and security features, make this type of shutter a top-seller in security and storm protection.  Busy residents and business owners in the Wilmington area appreciate the maximum protection against storms, high winds and forcible entry that our accordion shutters provide. Additionally, the versatility of our shutters allows for customized and professional installation on doors, windows, patios, balconies or businesses with expansive storefronts. Our accordion panels will also insulate your home or business making this choice of shutter, energy efficient and cost effective.  

    Each accordion panel is durably constructed using heavy-guage, extruded aluminum and features specially engineered, weather-resistant nylon wheels that glide effortlessly when opening and closing the shutters.  Preferred for the heavy-duty locking device or optional key and lock mechanism, our shutters are tamper-proof and offer peace of mind as a theft deterrent.  Permanently installed beside windows, doors and balconies, accordion shutters are storm-ready and require only one person to operate. The convenience and easy maneuverability of accordion shutters makes storm preparation less stressful and strenuous while adding investment value to your home or business.  

 Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer or an experienced custom builder, our design team  of experts at Empire Construction & Development will work with you to customize your shutter selection and installation process. Our shutters are delivered ready for installation by the customer, handyman or contractor.  We accommodate large commercial or residential contracts as well as smaller individual shutter requests. Regardless of how large or small an order, our experienced staff will guide you through the selection and purchasing process and answer any questions you may have.  Empire Construction & Development manufactures shutters specifically to meet or exceed the most stringent wind codes in the U.S., such as those instituted by the Miami-Dade County Product Control Division, Florida Building Code and the International Building Code.  Contact us today for your FREE quote or to place an order: Toll Free: (888)474-3555.


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