Impact Windows and Doors in Galveston, Texas

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    For Galveston residents, nothing exceeds the convenience and durability of impact resistant glass windows and doors. For 24-hour theft deterrence and superior hurricane protection, our custom-fitted, maintenance-free windows  provide the ultimate in hassle-free security for homes and businesses. For impact resistant doors & windows, Galveston residents turn to Empire Construction & Development, the leader in impact glass and storm shutters for over 35 years. 

     In addition to withstanding hurricane force winds and storm debris, our windows are an energy efficient and cost effective way to lower utility bills. Our windows are manufactured using high-grade, aluminum frames offered in a variety of popular color choices.  Our impact resistant glass is available in several popular tint variations and uses a multi-layer, silicone glazing process that strengthens and shields the glass and prevents it from shattering.  Impervious to high winds and airborne storm debris, our impact resistant windows are the perfect choice for residential and commercial properties situated in hurricane prone regions.   Our customers prefer impact resistant windows and doors for the enhanced light and noise reduction it provides. Drapes, carpets and furniture are spared the damaging effects of bright and unfiltered UV rays entering from standard windows and doorways.  Impact resistant glass and windows provide the necessary security to home and business owners while eliminating unsightly hardware, bulky storage and view obstruction that traditional storm shielding methods require.  Providing the ultimate in hassle-free security and storm protection, impact resistant glass is one of the most requested products we manufacture. Impact windows and doors are recognized by the insurance industry as Class A protection.  This protection classification entitles many homeowners to a reduction of costly insurance premiums. 

    Empire Construction & Development manufactures impact glass windows and doors specifically to meet or exceed the most stringent wind codes in the U.S., such as those instituted by the Miami-Dade County Product Control Division, Florida Building Code and the International Building Code.  Contact us today for your FREE impact resistant glass quote or to place an order: Toll Free: 888-474-3555.


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